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06 March 2007 @ 12:36 am
Wings and Tail - 1\? - NC-17  

- Title: Wings and tail
- Aurthor: luttie, aka, Me.
- Disclaimer: I'm the queen of the world, so everything is MINE!!! ~evil laughter~. Not really. I'm just a humen. The boys are J.K. Rowling's, and I don't have any profit from it, so please don't sue!
- Chapter's title: The Protector
- Rating: NC-17, eventually. [this one is PG if not lower]
- Pairing: Harry\Draco. [also: Lucius\Severus]
- Word count: 1,750, roughly. [for this chapter only]
- Summary: In their seventh year, Harry Potter still hasn't defeated Voldemort. When Dumbledore called for him, he expected something that connected to the war, but instead he was appointed to guard Draco Malfoy, who was hexed for revenge. Or at least that's what Dumbledore tells them.
- Warning: It's a CREATURE fic! the one is a half creature and the other is his mate, type of a creature fic. It's FLUFF as well! and there's describedmale\male gay sexual contact [well, obviously. as it is a NC-17 slash. lol], UV 'cause I don't like the last book. maybe there will be MPreg in the very leter chapter's, but I'm still not so sure, ^^.
- Beta: the wonderful auroranq , living_is_easy and spae did my the beta for this one. They did it so well that it really isn't what I write in the beginning, LOL, I'm kidding. but they really did a brilliant jub on it, so for the remaining mistakes, I'm the one that needed to be stoned.

( to the Chapter )

x-posted everywhere, it's trying to take over the world. no, I'm kidding, it's everywhere so someone will notice it. Sorry.